BIDCO Nakuru

BIDCO Nakuru

Master plan for a five-acre site in Nakuru. The old buildings on site currently manufacture a range of edible oils from maize, sunflower seeds and sesame seeds.

This project provides facilities for taking the same materials and producing a range of animal feeds. The animal feeds are produced in a new state of the are feed mill and distributed from an adjacent warehouse.

The other new buildings contain Administrative Offices, Staff, Recreation Facilities and Accommodation. The rest of the site is developed to include raw materials and finished goods storage.

The facility manufactures edible oil and animal feeds by full use of renewable materials and offers economic benefit to out growers in a highly sustainable facility.

There is almost no waste material generated from this process which utilizes all the relevant raw materials in production. This facility makes a strong contribution to the development of agribusiness locally and offers both employment and income to out growers for raw materials. This in turn maximizes the performance of local farmland.

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