USIU Students Centre

Value of Project: $8 million
Size: 7800 sqm
Completion: 2016

The new facilities consist of a health centre, a counseling centre, teaching kitchens, sports and gym facilities, administrative offices and many other student facilities.
The new facilities consists of:
 - New Health Centre
 - New Counseling Centre
 - Meeting Rooms
 - Offices
 - Teaching kitchens and restaurant
 - Coffee Shop
 - Sport Facilities
 - Gym
 - Changing Rooms
Factors that have been considered in the Design development include the following.

 - Integration of new facilities within an existing older established institution.
 - Maintenance of separate identities while sharing common facilities.
 - Focus on the development of a working student community on the site.
The USIU campus has been renovated and expanded to accommodate the new facilities, which provides for up to 7000 students, lecturers, scientists, technicians and administrative staff. Thereafter the USIU campus will continue expand its housing, academic and administrative venues to accommodate the planned population on site. For this long-range master plan, short and medium term plans are being implemented. Certain facilities will be shared and others will be specific to individual programs.
The campus on completion will be an integrated working and residential University community, which reflects the shared interests of its member institutions while accommodating their individual objectives. The success to which this can be achieved depends on the skill and foresight of the work of the design team appointed to carry out this project.
The project has been seen as a combination of highly technical work in upgrading and extending USIU and providing enhanced and extended common facilities to serve the present and future needs of USIU. The master plan, which has previously been developed by the architects, serves as a guide to all future developments on the complex.
USIU is establishing a world-class University Campus.
The existing buildings, technically, socially and administratively, are of mixed natures, and we believe the Students Centre Facility reflects a completely fresh Architectural Character.


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