The Wangari Maathai Institute, Kabete

The Wangari Maathai Institute, Kabete

Value of Project: $15 million
Status: 3rd Prize (Competition)

The Competition was commissioned by Nobel Laureate Wangari Maathai. The site has a strong North-East influence towards Mt. Kenya and sits on a beautiful plateau in Kabete. The project brief required multiple uses including laboratories, exhibition areas, an auditorium, an amphitheatre, residential blocks, cafeterias and office blocks. The layout conceived was one for minimum disruption to the site. It used as much flat ground as possible and involved the least disturbance to trees. Trees were also used an exploration for sun shading.

The Exhibition space occupied a pivotal location at the centre of the campus and the intention was for all visitors arriving and leaving to pass through it thus allowing for maximum interaction through the routes on the site.

The Institute was laid out as a village connected by pathways and covered walkways. Buildings opened onto verandas and water features. All buildings faced north. The buildings were mostly single storey and built from hand-cut stone, sustainable softwood roofs with metal tile and glass.

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