Naivasha Lodge

Naivasha Lodge

A lush green 50 acre site was developed into an 80-room lodge spread out along and behind the riparian boundary of Lake Naivasha. The Lake’s level having receded, turned the 50-acre site into a 200-acre site, including all of the riparian land.

Beglin Woods and the client agreed that Naivasha Lodge would be designed with maintenance free materials in mind. It was agreed to finish the buildings predominately in hand-dressed stone with timber windows set well underneath and protected by the deep eaves, with granular coated steel Harvey tiles on the roofs. Balustrades would be a mixture of steel and timber.

Environmentally friendly systems were installed throughout the Lodge including a sewerage treatment plant to recycle water from around the scheme. Waste water from this plant is used to irrigate the extensive landscaped areas

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