African Wildlife Foundation

African Wildlife Foundation

Value of Project: $4 million
Size: 3000sqm
Completion: 2012

The site was a tropical forest virtually untouched for 25 years, still with wildlife, 10 km from a capital city. Hence land usage was minimised by utilising the existing house as well as minimising the building footprints.

A dynamic office facilities with panoramic views of the entire site and beyond was built on two floors over a parking facilities to minimise land usage. The AWF headquarters is a series of buildings forming a recognizable shape in the landscape.

Social, recreational meeting and dining facilities were put into the old building ensuring that it is fully integrated into the project. The new boardroom, developed as a multi- purpose space will be located beside the old house which will be extended and modified to contain the social and meeting functions and pace to welcome visitors.

Materials natural and locally available wrought by local craftsmen were used throughout.


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