ICEA Lion Office Building – Competition

ICEA Lion Office Building – Competition

The project site is at the upper end of The Riverside Park Development, on Chiromo Road. The 1 acre site is rectangular, approximately 53 metres wide by 90 metres deep, and is on a sloping site which drops approximately 3 metres towards the river.

A Scheme for 10-12 storey building is proposed, including a landscaped roof garden and coffee shop, and with 3.5 levels of underground parking.

Parking facilities are provided at a rate of one parking space for 25 m². This has been achieved by providing 31 parking spaces at ground floor level together with 3.5 basement floors of approximately 130 parking spaces each. This provides a total parking of 516 parking spaces on three and a half basement levels. The parking works around a split level configuration to reduce ramp lengths, with a central circulation zone in the centre of the building providing 4 high speed lifts and a staircase to all floors.

The building configuration, with a central service, toilets and lift core, also brings in light and air to all office areas. This is preferable to a building with a large square footprint with deep office areas allowing little light and air into the centre of the office volumes.

Externally, the building is clad in high quality solar glazing, with horizontal louvre vertical panels at the service balconies, which are integrated into the building tower for the provision of air conditioning units should tenants require conditioned offices.

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