St Austin's Gardens

St Austin's Gardens

Value of Project: $7 million
Size: 8,000sqm
Completion: 2002

St. Austin’s Gardens, is a development of luxury Apartments on Muhoya Avenue in Lavington.

Built on over 3 acres of land, the development consists of 28 luxury 3 bedroom apartments, and 14 luxury 4 bedroom penthouses. All of the penthouses are set on 2 levels partly within the roof space, and all the bedrooms have en suite bathrooms. Facilities also include a Health club with Meeting rooms, Saunas, Steam baths, a Swimming pool and a children’s play area.

The apartments have been designed very much on a domestic scale, using warm and maintenance free materials. The most prominent material used is knife edge jointed stone. The large elevations of the building have been broken up with bay windows, eyebrow roofs and dormer windows. Staircase towers have been set externally on a diagonal grid to ensure that the movement of the upper floor tenants up and down the staircase will have minimal impact on the lower apartments. Dormer windows have been set into the large roofs as the roof space has been utilised fully by creating the upper level of the penthouse apartments within the roofs.


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