Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveying

Quantity Surveyors Services

Professional services include the following:-

1. Feasibility Studies, Cost Planning & Estimating

  • Preparing Feasibility Studies
  • Preparing Cost Plans prior to design development
  • Preparing costs of alternative design solutions

2. Project Development and Construction Phase

  • Advising on budgetary cost control
  • Attending Design Team Meetings
  • Advising on most appropriate type of contract and choice of materials
  • Preparation of Bills of Quantities and General and Particular Conditions of Contract
  • Preparing Specifications with standards of materials, workmanship and schedules of finishes
  • Preparing Tender documents and inviting Tenders and advising on choice of Tenderer
  • Analysing and reporting tenders, advising on selection of Contractor and on possible savings
  • Preparing Bills of Reduction where required
  • Preparing Contract Documents
  • Preparing Cash Flow Projections
  • Attending Site Meetings
  • Surveying works in progress and materials on site and preparing valuations for certificates
  • Preparing Financial Appraisals showing running construction costs in relation to budget costs
  • Surveying and Site measuring for valuing of Variations to Contract
  • Advising on and valuing expenditure of Provisional and Prime Cost Sums
  • Preparing Specifications and Tender documents and inviting Tenders for Sub-Contracts from selected Tenderers and reporting and advising thereon.
  • Obtaining competitive quotations for specialist services and reporting thereon
  • Dealing with Contractor’s Claims and advising thereon
  • Calculating price fluctuations on Contract with fluctuations Clause
  • Preparing Final Accounts and agreeing with Contractor
  • Advising on the legal aspects and interpretation of the Conditions of Building Contracts
  • Preparing Schedules of Materials for labour Contracts

3. Project Management

01 Appointment as Project Manager
02 Assisting Client to prepare a design brief
03 Briefing of Consultants
04 Preparation of pre-tender programme for Consultants
05 Co-ordination between Client and Consultants and between the various Consultants during design and construction stages
06 Advising on selection of Tenderers
07 Advising on selection of Main and Sub-Contractors and Suppliers
08 Setting up management teams and liaising with financial institutions, Government and local Authorities, Utility Companies, etc.
09 Advising on Contractor’s Programme of Works
10 Overall supervision of the works and issuing regular reports to Client on progress and delays or anticipated delays
11 Planning sequence of operations, critical path analysis, adjustments to programmes of works, time schedules, etc.
12 Holding of regular site meetings, project meetings with Client and preparation and distribution of Minutes
13 Maintaining cost control at all stages including payments to Contractors, Sub- Contractors, Suppliers and staff and expenditure on P.C. and Provisional Sums.
14 Maintaining records of progress, deliveries of materials, works diary, minutes of meetings etc.
15 Procuring materials and clearing imported items
16 Supervising testing and commissioning of specialized installations
17 Taking over completed works in stages or as planned
18 Supervising maintenance works prior to hand over and at the end of the defects liability period
19 Taking over Project complete with all “as-built” plans, keys, operating manuals, guarantees, maintenance schedules, etc.

4. Miscellaneous Services

01 Surveying and drawing up Schedules of defects for repair and maintenance works and advising on routine maintenance.
02 Surveying and advising on Renovations, Alterations and Extensions and their cost
03 Advising on resolution of Contractual disputes and their avoidance
04 Preparation of Contractual claims and negotiating settlements
05 Pricing of Tender Documents
06 Advising on Legal and Technical aspects of contract documents, etc.
07 Advising on mediation, conciliation and arbitration